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Song Artist Duration Size
Breezin' George Benson 05:40 12.86 MB
This Masquerade George Benson 08:02 16.71 MB
Six To Four George Benson 05:09 11.65 MB
Affirmation George Benson 06:59 15.41 MB
So This is Love? George Benson 07:04 15.44 MB
Lady George Benson 05:54 13.35 MB
The album George Benson - Breezin' contains 6 tracks that accumulates 00:38:48 minutes or 85.42 MB
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A short description:
George Benson was already everyone's favorite jazz-funk guitarist by 1976, when Breezin' made him a pop star too. His Stevie Wonder-inspired vocal rendition of Leon Russell's "This Masquerade" proved irresistible, and Breezin' became the first album by a jazz artist to go platinum, topping pop, jazz, and R&B charts simultaneously. From the Bobby Womack-penned title track to Jose Feliciano's "Affirmation," Breezin' glides by on Benson's fleet-fingered fluidity, low-key funk, and a string section that adds just enough sugar to this tasty concoction.