Download Album Brandi Carlile - By The Way, I Forgive You

Song Artist Duration Size
Fulton County Jane Doe Brandi Carlile 04:43 9.37 MB
Most Of All Brandi Carlile 03:51 7.86 MB
The Joke Brandi Carlile 04:39 9.43 MB
Sugartooth Brandi Carlile 04:28 9.38 MB
Every Time I Hear That Song Brandi Carlile 04:01 8.33 MB
Hold Out Your Hand Brandi Carlile 04:22 8.86 MB
Whatever You Do Brandi Carlile 04:07 8.98 MB
Party Of One Brandi Carlile 05:48 11.49 MB
Harder To Forgive Brandi Carlile 04:06 8.31 MB
The Mother Brandi Carlile 03:16 7.11 MB
The album Brandi Carlile - By The Way, I Forgive You contains 10 tracks that accumulates 00:43:21 minutes or 89.12 MB
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A short description:
After exhilarating dips into guitar rock and country, Carlile returns to her sweet spot: tear-jerking Americana that shows off her crackling croon. It’s her sixth album and her most moving, with vulnerable outsider anthems rooted in healing and hope. There are ballads about addiction (“Sugartooth”), suicide (“Fulton County Jane Doe”), heartbreak (“Every Time I Hear That Song”), and starting over (“Harder to Forgive”), but underneath the hard truths is plenty of optimism. In “The Joke,” a song for kids who don’t fit traditional roles, she offers a light at the end of the tunnel: “I’ve been to the movies/I’ve seen how it ends/And the joke’s on them.”