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Song Artist Duration Size
The Party's Over Nat "King" Cole 02:43 5.64 MB
To the Ends of the Earth Nat "King" Cole 02:17 4.94 MB
Blue Gardenia Nat "King" Cole 02:57 6.04 MB
When I Fall In Love Nat "King" Cole 03:10 6.52 MB
Kee-Mo Ky-Mo (The Magic Song) The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:20 4.93 MB
Where or When (Live) Nat "King" Cole 03:14 6.66 MB
I Don't Want to See Tomorrow Nat "King" Cole 02:37 5.45 MB
A Portrait of Jennie The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:07 6.68 MB
Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup Nat "King" Cole 02:49 5.86 MB
You Stepped Out of a Dream Nat "King" Cole 02:35 5.35 MB
On the Street Where You Live Nat "King" Cole 03:07 6.44 MB
A Blossom Fell Nat "King" Cole 02:31 5.36 MB
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square Nat "King" Cole 04:44 9.48 MB
St. Louis Blues Nat "King" Cole 02:25 5.14 MB
Walkin' My Baby Back Home Nat "King" Cole 02:40 5.50 MB
Open Up the Doghouse (Two Cats Are Coming In) Nat "King" Cole & Dean Martin 02:27 5.24 MB
Non Dimenticar (Don't Forget) Nat "King" Cole 02:49 5.94 MB
Lush Life The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:17 6.70 MB
When Sunny Gets Blue Nat "King" Cole 02:44 5.72 MB
You Can Depend On Me The Capitol International Jazzmen 02:58 6.12 MB
You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love) The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:03 5.22 MB
Jet The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:48 5.79 MB
Orange Colored Sky The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:33 5.29 MB
Angel Eyes Nat "King" Cole 03:14 6.58 MB
Blues In My Shower The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:53 4.71 MB
(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:01 6.19 MB
Ramblin' Rose Nat "King" Cole 02:48 5.80 MB
Thou Swell (Live) Nat "King" Cole 02:23 5.08 MB
I Remember You (From the Nat King Cole Show) Nat "King" Cole 03:13 6.58 MB
Ballerina Nat "King" Cole 02:51 6.05 MB
Candy The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:53 8.17 MB
Can I Come In for a Second? The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:50 5.84 MB
For All We Know The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:03 6.26 MB
I'll Never Say "Never Again" Again The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:48 5.78 MB
My Baby Just Cares for Me The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:47 5.57 MB
But Beautiful Nat "King" Cole 03:27 7.03 MB
Avalon Nat "King" Cole 01:46 3.89 MB
Lost April The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:57 6.37 MB
Embraceable You (Alternate Version) The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:20 5.71 MB
I'm Thru With Love The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:56 5.55 MB
Poinciana (Song of the Tree) Nat "King" Cole 03:55 7.93 MB
Day In - Day Out Nat "King" Cole 02:25 5.08 MB
Baby, Baby All the Time (Alternate Take) The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:00 5.40 MB
I Should Care Nat "King" Cole 02:46 5.74 MB
Pretend Nat "King" Cole 02:44 5.63 MB
Say It Isn't So Nat "King" Cole 03:05 6.34 MB
My One Sin (In Life) Nat "King" Cole 02:58 6.14 MB
To Whom It May Concern Nat "King" Cole 02:56 6.11 MB
Don't Get Around Much Anymore Nat "King" Cole 03:12 6.58 MB
If Love Is Good to Me Nat "King" Cole 02:46 5.70 MB
Somewhere Along the Way Nat "King" Cole 02:53 5.93 MB
If I Give My Heart to You Nat "King" Cole 02:59 6.13 MB
Stardust Nat "King" Cole 03:14 6.66 MB
There Will Never Be Another You Nat "King" Cole 03:36 7.34 MB
Unforgettable Nat "King" Cole 03:11 6.51 MB
(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:54 5.44 MB
Mona Lisa The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:15 6.60 MB
If I May Nat "King" Cole 03:03 6.46 MB
Jumpin' At Capitol The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:29 5.11 MB
Red Sails In the Sunset The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:16 6.70 MB
Ev'ry Day (I Fall In Love) The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:00 6.17 MB
Nature Boy The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:38 4.94 MB
The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You) The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:13 6.55 MB
Too Young The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:12 6.50 MB
Bop-Kick The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:36 5.49 MB
Let's Fall In Love Nat "King" Cole 02:47 5.99 MB
The Late, Late Show Nat "King" Cole 02:33 5.39 MB
What Is This Thing Called Love? The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:58 6.07 MB
It's Only a Paper Moon The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:55 5.57 MB
That's All Nat "King" Cole 03:00 6.07 MB
Caravan The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:44 5.85 MB
Lover, Come Back to Me! Nat "King" Cole 02:31 5.23 MB
The Ruby and the Pearl Nat "King" Cole 03:12 6.56 MB
L-O-V-E Nat "King" Cole 02:32 5.45 MB
Night Lights Nat "King" Cole 02:48 5.88 MB
The Very Thought of You Nat "King" Cole 03:48 7.75 MB
Sweet Georgia Brown The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:18 4.84 MB
The Best Thing for You Nat "King" Cole 02:00 4.30 MB
Send for Me Nat "King" Cole 02:36 5.46 MB
When I Take My Sugar to Tea The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:22 4.91 MB
Smile Nat "King" Cole 02:54 5.99 MB
It Could Happen to You Nat "King" Cole 02:47 5.76 MB
Standin' In the Need of Prayer Nat "King" Cole 02:12 4.96 MB
Love Is Here to Stay Nat "King" Cole 02:49 5.85 MB
Looking Back Nat "King" Cole 02:27 5.11 MB
Straighten Up and Fly Right The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:27 5.08 MB
Funny (Not Much) Nat "King" Cole 02:59 6.11 MB
The Touch of Your Lips Nat "King" Cole 03:51 7.81 MB
Mr. Cole Won't Rock and Roll (Live) Nat "King" Cole 07:49 15.56 MB
Sweet Lorraine The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:11 5.98 MB
Perfidia Nat "King" Cole 02:18 4.89 MB
The Frim Fram Sauce The Nat "King" Cole Trio 03:17 6.75 MB
Azure-Te Nat "King" Cole & George Shearing 03:54 7.90 MB
Save the Bones for Henry Jones ('Cause Henry Don't Eat Meat) The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:40 4.97 MB
Too Marvelous for Words The Nat "King" Cole Trio 02:33 4.99 MB
Answer Me, My Love Nat "King" Cole 02:38 5.69 MB
That Sunday, That Summer Nat "King" Cole 03:12 6.56 MB
Autumn Leaves Nat "King" Cole 02:39 5.57 MB
This Can't Be Love Nat "King" Cole 02:29 5.32 MB
Wild Is Love Nat "King" Cole 02:49 5.89 MB
The album Nat "King" Cole - Nat King Cole contains 100 tracks that accumulates 04:54:20 minutes or 602.41 MB
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